Collective creating an astral blood clot in pandemic times

Last night my dream (lucid) was about a big and red cloud.
Nothing. Wrong.

But I tried to obtain information about this cloud and I immediately knew that this thing was made of blood. A huge clot of blood (disgusting).
Okay, and this clot said to me that was created by the people itself (Shit! something just moved in my house, lol), and the
interesting part of all of this was when I woke up in certain parts of my room it materialized real blood.
I discovered via adivination that this parasite have been close and have been blocked my common ways of comunication with the “spirit world”.

I’ll do a previous investigation after banishing, but thinking on a deep level and maybe is just a astral thing made of fear and hate, constructed by collective mind of the people, which is not a good omen in pandemic times… blood.

Just wondering if someone else have seen it.

I’m not with you - you’re saying you have a parasite, but it’s made by the human collective unconscious?

I don’t get the connection between a blood clot and ‘fear and hate’ either. Blood’s sort of useful and a rather pretty color, I thought :thinking:

Reminds me of the movie. 'the grudge". lol And its in your room. haha. fun times to experiement.

Can you feed on it? Bath in it? Blood is so hot

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@Rav Hot …Until it’s not… affecting your health is bad. lol . I had a blood clot on my left tendon knee area . probably from sports,martial arts when i was a teenager. Had to have it cut off a piece of my tendon and forever not the same on the knee area. NO choice. It was affecting my walking. each time it would have sharp pain if i put weight on it. I think it was one of those must experience for soul growth. lol I hear or read that we as humans will go through 4 -7 major things in life as reflection for soul growth… I think that was one of it. =o)