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This will be a topic serving as a personal collection of experiences, insights and subjects of interest from my occult experimentation. The materials will mostly include the workings, artwork, and information uncovered during my activities thus far. My goals ultimately lie in documenting valuable findings for future observation and reference.

Hope my accounts may be of use to any oncoming seekers as well.

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Talisman of Attraction (Lust or General Favor)
This is a simple but effective method of binding a spirit’s presence to your aura, radiating the intent into the surrounds and attract the attention desired. (Ex: Lustful attractiveness)


  • A small lidded vessel
  • Small cloth with the spirits sigil on it.
  • Cremation jewelry (or just a wearable capsule of sorts)
  • Natural Tobacco (Cigar leaves or organic pipe leaves)
  • Dragons Blood rocks
  • Herbs of the spirit
  • Paper sigil
  • High volume alcohol
  • Short burning duration tea light
  • Small amount of Organic material from the body. (Bood and sexual fluids are most potent but things like hair or shed skin are also highly effective.)


  1. Meditate on intent and Crush the herbs and incense together. Set aside as offering with the cremation necklace and vessel.
  2. Evoke the entity though the sigil.
  3. State the intent concisely and repeatedly, as an incantation. Visualizing the intent.
  4. Put forward the organic substance upon the sigil. (be it blood, sexual fluids, hair, or skin, etc.)
  5. When the material is upon it, anoint the sigil (lightly) with alcohol.
  6. Fold the sigil with the materials and burn it on a stable surface. (like a pillar candle platform)
  7. Mix the ashes with the crushed materials upon the altar and fill the vessel.
  8. Put some material in the cremation pendant, wrap it in the sigil cloth and place it in the vessel.
  9. With the lid off, set it forward as the complete offering. Light the tealight atop the material in it and let it burn out. Dispose of the spent candle and close the lid.
  10. Hide the vessel from plain sight and leave it over night.

Before going to the physical location of intent, take the pendant from the vessel and carry it to your destination. Place it back in the vessel upon returning from the your destination.


A while ago, I started doing this thing where I ask spirits I meet to show themselves through the internet and social media. So if I witness them in vision, I’ll have a physical photo to keep as documentation. Well, I was surprised that this works fairly well. I’ll just randomly stumble on photos and artworks that make me freeze with surprise at how accurate they are. :grin: They all have multiple forms, but I have stumbled on images that near perfectly display them as I’ve already witnessed. So I felt like listing some in the future as a personal project of documentation.

Astaroth (When I first evoked her).
Everything is near exact, only the smile was wide and no tattoos.