Collecting Demonic Wisdom

I was hoping I could get people to share any tidbits of wisdom that has been given to them by demons.

You know those things people post on facebook, a deep looking picture with deep sounding words? I want to make a series of those with good demon advice, stick it on a demonic picture, and attribute the quote to whichever demon it came from.

I think people would be very shocked at the kind of information you actually get from demons, how it’s actually good advice.

…and then I saw this today.

That’s generally what I was going for, only with less Koetting. A nasty picture of the demon in question to play on the perceived notion they are all bad.

It’s a great idea and I’m a great lazy-ass for not going through my own notes yet - I know there’s a lot of good stuff on here in people’s shared work, from Belial, Ba’el and a few others, but I can’t remember which threads they’re in off-hand.

PS where are you planning to get the pictures from?

Just an image search. Ideally I wanted abstract images like the visions described by Allan Moore.

This one would be good for that Azazel quote. Really anything with a good novelty factor. Wanted to play up the discordian angle, pervert what people are used to seeing. Plus the good advice from a bad source creates a mental disonnance. Breaking down barriers.