Collecting Death Grave Dirt/ Executed Confessed Murderers

I am looking for someone , in any state/ hell every state, who can go to a Cemetary, Prison or Otherwise, and get grave soil from graves of Executed Confessed Murders. i am willing to pay a reasonable price. PM me.

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Why can’t you go on your own?
(Sorry I am not judging I’m just wondering if there’s a law against it where you live)

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Good question. mostly because i am bound to home caring for my wife with no kidneys on Home Hemo Dialysis. I am lucky to do quick runs to the store. Maybe going to Nashville to her Dr. Clinic Appts. but just a quick 6 hour trip doing that once a month wipes her out for some days. i am looking around here in Tennessee- so- maybe something will come up. I have a small family cemetary 30 ft. from my back gate— but they are likely “Good” people.
But also, i got some “Intel” as it were from Belial, to begin gathering supplies for “Demonic Alchemy”… and it appears not just one murderers grave dirt, but as many as i can collect and keep them separate.
Seriously Me? owell.
in short, traveling is just not in my world— unless I end up a widower. Which, ain’t even gonna set a clock by that as she has survived Way Way Way past any Doctors would be Expiration Date… nearly not sure she can die, just ‘dissolve’ and slowly deteriorate. ugh

Damn, that sucks…
Unfortunately I can’t help you right now, but I’ll reply and bump this so it goes on top, and hopefully gains more recognition.
So, is your wife a burden for you? Do you have any other family members or friends who could help you with this? I mean instead of paying some random stranger in here and ending up with normal gardening dirt …

@Frater_Dark_Matter are you working with current 218?

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Not yet, You mean liber Falxifer 1 & 2 ? I have them downloaded, scanned through them, but have not actually got down to the work, it is on my To Do List ASAP…
Why? Tell me more and or PM me if you will

Yeah I figured you had the falxifers. I could tell because it’s the only place I’ve ever heard of getting grave dirt from a murderer. I’m a current 218 necromancer. I work with the falxifer grimoires intimately.

Grave dirt is powerful indeed but probably from a Murderer is way more powerful. But best is surely Grave dirt from a person who commited suicide


I made a wand with wood from a tree from Aokigahara, aka suicide forest. It’s not grave dirt but the death energies attached to this wand is more powerful than any grave dirt I’ve ever encountered.


That is astoundingly cool.

good catch,!!

wow, i heard of the place, seriously would love to get some of that !!!

I’m sorry about your wife’s illness. It must be very hard for you.

Did yiu try lucky mojo. Tey may take special orders. Also its a danger, if dirty leak. I have read the spirts, may not leave until all dirt is used or gone. If leak in between its a issue,. Byt its in southamerica. I gess, never read tat in america forums.