Coldness in room

Heyy ! What does the coldness in room means in combination with touches that feels like electrity ? I am not sure , but maybe i’ve also sensed hot.

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Do you have Kundalini active in your spine ?

Not really , why?

Electric sensations and hot/cold flashes can be a sign of Kundalini, though they could also be other things.

Thank you , but if you don’t mind , what do you mean ? Can you please explain it to me ? Thanks in advance !

I have done Fire meditations where I visualize fire below the base of the spine, and done breathing exercises before falling asleep. Several times I woke up to electric shocks shooting up the spine, the last one of which went from the base of the spine, up and over the head, and down to the heart where it stopped. Almost stopped the heart. No harm done, but it hurt like Hell.
Another time, while visualizing an aura of Red Fire all around me, after nearly an hour of this, I started having small muscle jerks. I went to sleep and had a Hot flash start up the spine. Waking up saved me there. No harm done. Just showed me that these phenomena are for real.
Imagining water all around me can make me feel a little cold. Nothing extreme.
I got these results through actual mental work with the meditations. Some people get these results for other reasons, such as injuries, spinal issues and such.

Thanks , but ii wasnt doing that . I was thinking about a entity that it might be.

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You might try inviting the entity to touch you, or even come into you ( extreme solution )