Coldness During Meditation

Just a curious question, but is there a reason why I felt cold when I was working on my Sacral Charka? It felt relaxing just to note.


Well relaxing is a good sign. Coldness could possibly be you feel your energy. Some people also report when they evoke that the air feels cool by them, but it seems like your doing energy work? So it might just be your energy.


Yeah I was doing energy work, I had a different experience when I was working on my root charka. I felt vibrations and not cold.

Thanks for your reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

What is your opinion on feeling warm air during making an offering/communicating? The couple times that I’ve given offerings and meditated/communicated, I felt warm air around my ankles (only there) and the house was cool temperature (so no plausible reason to feel warm air). I also had other occurances. I assume that it’s part of the spirit letting me know its there with me. Do you have a different opinion? Have you had similar experiences?

Same thing happens to me also sometimes. , Usually spirits stimulate the that area that’s why it feels warm may be done for a various of reasons like healing ,opening nerves paths and so on .

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That is indeed strange. That chakra by activating is warm. Maybe you didn’t eat enough or not enough sleep?