Cold Women Break Up

sorry if its off topic but I don’t know What to do anymore…

Guys this really bothers me I dont know how to go with it and I am in love with the girl but I know it is not like this because she is just from another planet such a girl I have never had to met with this personality … all the girlfriends I had behaved normally they had feelings but now I have a girlfriend that she is unbelievable cold does it seems to me like she is emotionally retarded she had some block She is cold as ice It is terrible I just can’t be with such a person I’m unfortunately a sensitive person and I need a relationship with feelings I Need to something to do with this I dont know if Its because she is in the sign of the Sagittarius but the girl is incredibly cold and I have not seen it in my life all the time man feels like an idiot does not know what I said at home I didn’t give a damn about it in this caseI have to think about myself She is good she’s a good woman and I believe she is faithful I believe she would be for family but she is so cold I can’t stand it I doubt she’ll ever find someone like her because no man cant had the mood for a woman of this nature She is 28 and surprised me that she told me that she was not versed in relationships and that she had only one relationship a few years ago I come to her home and would not give her a kiss and If I don’t kiss her she wouldn’t kiss me either I remember how she came back from Ireland from vacation so I was excited about her looking forward to give her a kiss and hug her and welcome her in the door but this not happened … the only thing I get was that she told me in such an imperative way as some general not to go to the kitchen that there is mopping up… I need to know what you would do in my case because this girl it will not change her nature and I never met a woman who is so cold and I don’t want to have a relationship like this in my life I She Is kind but I just can’t do it anymore… And that’s why I can’t break up with her I know I look now like an idiot but I really do not know I am desperate about it in the relationship I only worry with her I suffer because of her cold and independent nature I wonder what you would do best if you had some spell some ritual that would allow it to become a breakup but not to hurt either of us for example that she would move somewhere far away for work.

Just talk to her, tell her the way she’s acting is bothering you. If she doesn’t try then move on. Life is too damn short to try to change people, let alone people who don’t want to change. PS, some punctuation wouldn’t kill you either.

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Thank you and yes you’re right punctuation is needed I’m lazy to write

So, what I would do in this situation is first do a little research on which spirits can help with relationship issues. I will always recommend Dantalion since he’s helped me so much, but you may find someone else you feel more called to. Appeal to them to help you either find the strength to end this dead-end relationship, or ask them to bring the relationship to a natural end by other means.

I know how you feel honestly. I’ve been there. The worst part about a rocky relationship is not knowing whether to stay and see if things get better, or leave and worry that you made a mistake.

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@Mazikeen The worst part is that I know I would have remorse because she’s a good woman and I would feel like a bastard like I hurt her but it’s not at all And I suffer in This relationship … can I ask how it turned out how did she react to the breakup?

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You’d be surprised.

Tbh, you sound like a bit of a bitch. Take charge, man. Stop waiting for her to initiate things. Just grab her and kiss her. If she’s cold put some fucking fire in her.

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Maybe that’s why she appears to be so cold. She may not have any experience when it comes to relationships. Have you even talked to her and asked her why she’s so cold towards you? And when you say cold, is it that she doesn’t show any affection? Doesn’t talk about her emotions? Doesn’t like having sex? If so, then again, she’s only been in one relationship and she’s knocking on age 30’s door. She might not feel comfortable initiating all of this affection and emotional talk that you want because she may not know how. Is she even aware that you feel this way about her, and that you’re suffering and unhappy?

Just talk to her. If you still aren’t satisfied then leave her be, so she can find someone that can deal with her “coldness”, and you can find a woman that is more warm…or hot, so to speak. It’s not fair to lead her on and stay in a relationship where you aren’t happy just because she’s a good woman, and it isn’t fair to you to stick around with this woman that doesn’t make you happy.

Good luck. :cherry_blossom: