Coincidences about another magician?

So this has happened more than few times this month but I didn’t really pay much attention to it. It’s about coincidences involving someone else.

Like the one that happened yesterday was this: I was taking a random walk and just generally thinking about random stuff and I saw something that reminded me of said person. I analyzed her in my mind for like 20 seconds and then as soon as I stopped I saw her name written in storefront, it just pushed right into my visionfield. It’s not really a popular name around here or anything like that so odds of that happening are extremely low. There were more than 2 other such “major” coincidences involving her this month.

I don’t really think she is trying to magic on me or anything of such nature. Realistically I don’t see her playing any major role in my life either, she is just a random passerby figure for all I know.

What could it mean? I can’t just contact her and be like “yeah so I’ve been having hardcore coincidence string about you, what up?” because that’d be creepy.

Any ideas and experiences to share?

Last time something like that happened to me, it was a call for a group ritual with the person. She hadn’t sent any energy to me to influence me or anything like that, but we decided to do a ritual together and I can safely say that at the time it pushed me forward a great deal. Whether it’s a spirit or not, I’d say go with it.

Based on your thread title, I’m assuming she practices magick. If so, she’d probably find it intriguing, not creepy.

Your probably.creating tbem yourself thinking too much about magick.