Coincidence or what? What do you think?

Hi everyone,

I’m a new here. I have been reading on the forum for a while and I am very grateful that I found it :blush:.

I have been with something for quite some time and maybe it is very stupid, but I am very curious what you think of it and whether you might be able to help.

I am new to the lefthandpath magic, but have been busy with magic from a very early age, as long as I can remember. I do not believe in coincidences and I usually know what to think of a situation and how to act, but this time is different. it started 2 years ago. I had made a bracelet with charms from a friend’s old jewelry.

A few months later I went on vacation, each year but the same house about 2000 kilometers. We and the owners are the only people staying in the house.

On arrival there was a charm of my bracelet in the bedroom window. Something that is impossible, but it was there. Something I found very strange and I do not know if it means something.

The next day I had a very heavy migraine and I went to bed, from the bed I look at a cherry tree / shrub. A clear face appeared in the leaves, something I have never seen before, my son also saw it.

The person was a man I know through friends from abroad, I only know him from face and pictures, but have nothing else with me. At that moment I immediately got a feeling that I had to try to find him, which I also found very strange, but that was impossible anyway because I did not have the financial means for that.

I let it rest because I did not know what to do with it, but from that time on, he pops up more and more. with everything, meditations, photos, I see him everywhere.

Too many coincidences to my liking.

Now I have started asking questions and what I have come to know is that we seem to have a lot in common, that he is 25 years older than me and that he has the same birth date as my grandmother’s only reversed the birth year. (I was always very close to my grandmother)

I also suddenly got the opportunity to go that way, which I never thought I would have the money for, so I leave June this year, all because I feel that I have to do that. I just have no idea why.

Could it be a spell? But then again the question why, I do not know him and neither does he. Is there a way I can get more clarity about this? sorry for my bad English and my incredibly messy story:see_no_evil:, but I hope you can tell me something more.


I never would’ve known you had trouble with english.

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oh thanks​:blush:! But because it is not my native language, I may grammatically make some stupid mistakes.:see_no_evil: so that’s why.

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