Coincidence or leftover energy from an obsession spell

So a few months ago I commissioned an obsession spell as a mechanism of torture against a target. I’m not sure if it worked on the target, however I did see signs of interest in me from other people which the caster suggested should happen. Then I thought the spell was over.

Fast forward to today and I note that today and yesterday people who I have not spoken to in years have come forward and saying that they want to meet up/keep contact.

So perhaps this could be a mere coincidence or perhaps leftover energy from the ritual. Advice is appreciated

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That happened to me when I invoked Satan for a lust ritual.I got more attention from people I really didnt care about.Since I didnt bother cleansing and banishing I think it was a leftover.

No such thing as coincidence.

They introduced a pattern into your life, and now it’s manifesting. Just not ONLY in the way you paid for. Could be a sign of sloppy spellcasting or just a natural part of it depending on the way they do it.