Coincidence getting a parking spot because of Satan?

So at night when I come most times there is not parking spots near my house so I have to park streets away from my house.

Don’t know why but I just said 5 minutes before reaching home “in the name of Satan let there be a parking spot”.

When I got home there was a parking spot right outside my home. The only parking spot available on my street.

So Coincidence or was it cause of Satan?



It only ceases to be coincidence if you can make it happen again.


It happened again

How many times is that?

Twice can still be chalked up to coincidence, but it ceases to be coincidence after the third time.

Yeah twice

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Seems like you’re onto something though.

Once is a coincidence, twice is a pattern, thrice is confirmation.

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It was Satan. I did a similar thing tonight making the red lights go green in the awareness of Satan’s presence. I was in a hurry to catch the storage facility before it closed at 10pm and cut 5 minutes off the journey, which I was keeping track of by checking siri. Just as well, as the phone in the lift wasn’t working, there were no trolleys and the lights were out on the first floor. Things got done regardless and in under ten minutes I was outta there. On the way back did and said nothing, traffic lights took ages to change. No coincidence.