Coffen Buried Holds Soul Back to Travel Astral Plane

Christian con those get buried in coffen get attached to body trapped on earth can’t move onto the astral plane cremation way to go

Where did you get this notion?


Because all graveyards have spirits attached to them ive seen them need to burn the bones hey I could be wrong could be seeing things

You are correct, in that all graveyards have spirits attached to them, but the coffin usually does not do this. Even cremated souls tend to wander, as our species has been conditioned to “hold on” to this world at a very deep level.

Yeah coffen metaphor for being buried whole maybe once the bones break down cross over coffen stop bugs and breakdown naturally

I doubt the Egyptians would have agreed though, they had a whole afterlife system based on the coffin and the grave being a vehicle for ascent. :slight_smile:

U know I reflected on this before I thought of it then the main surcofficuss they found with 4 obsks was empty. Perhaps the Egyptian followers of the old ones were trying to imitate unsuccessfully?

I don’t know about this fun stuff of “holding people back.” I’ve seen the hanging around while slowing falling apart thing. It doesn’t look fun. I also saw various hellish ways to die and live. So, lets just say I’m not a fan of “death grip” on your previous life.

I also have a distinct disdain for materialists who want to live forever on the material plane because they think that is all their is, it turns my stomach, it always revolted me, but now I know why and the whole notion disgusts me.

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