I am a Coder and want to be an entrepreneur. But whenever I sit to practice my coding skills, I find it hard to be motivated. How can I be a better version of myself? Is there any entity/demon/angel which can help OR should I do it on my own? If there is an entity/demon/angel, will there be any side-effects of evoking it?

Motivation is a total fraud my friend, you either want the thing or you don’t, so find a way to remind yourself why you want that, and what the alternative is, and that should give you a clearer focus.

But if you wait to do a thing until your feelings are all prompting you, you’ll end up barely scraping by. A true professional does shit when they feel demotivated, demoralised, when they’re getting hate for doing it, even hurting or traumatised, because that’s what greatness takes. :thinking:

Motivation is great when you feel that fire, but be ready to carry quietly on without it if you REALLY want to succeed. :wink:

This is somewhat relevant, about how “doing” leads to “being”: Urgent Warning About "The Law Of Attraction" ⚠


Lady_eve, that answers my question. :raised_hands:
I don’t know why I’ve been procrastinating, I will continue to push through
Thank you

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I am given up on motivation because postmodernism is confusing to me, so I am going to adopt absurdism instead because worse is better.

Top Secret Leak! :warning:

Direct from my private lab: what happens when you rely solely on FEELING LIKE IT:


Thank you