Code of silence,#2

I did worry,but oh well,peolz want to knw evertng 4 free,fuck tat,i spwnd way 2 much,moneg& time,i told him chk tis forum,his lack of enghlis,not good,i was not to translate,i told him pay smne,now im ok,a palero is a powerful guy,but i hope evertng be ok,i learn not twst peolz,give links 2 foeums,tey want things,either pay& or find them yourselfs,its why magik code arw made,and peols were under a death oath,tanks,4 lwt me rank,ciao.oh if ya wonder,i knw a decent italian,enghlis,some others,but i love tis forum,i share my magik xpereriences,by

First: What?

Second: WHAT?

I understood something about a death threath. Is someone threatening to kill you?

You’re under a death oath? Who was asking you for the information?

Damn this forum really has gotten shitty lately, oh well the shanangans still have indirectly taught me some important lessons though so I suppose its still worth coming here.

YOOOOOOOOO… it’s like 1:20 ratio good posts to shitty nowadays.

Always something to learn, as long as you look for the lesson.

The lesson is usually what not to do, how not to act and what not to say.

Oh yeah white jesus, next time I see you I’ll have to tell you about what I learned due to the elison shanangans, its a pretty funny lesson, but an important one. Won’t talk about it here due to secret stuff, but next time I see you in person I’ll have a story for you.

This dude really needs to learn to typesomewhat effectively in English. It’d be nice to not have to try and decipher hieroglyphics that remotely resemble the English language.

Allrght guys,first go to #1. Code of silence magik matters, i dnt reveal stuff.#2 its palero.not under some oaths,yes,im being tread, at a hit list.scare not.worry yes.its like koetting rwveleaning 2 much.and being tread to not revel or give any info.guy pissoff.i disconet facebook.try to do some proctwction.check my voodo books,etc.

lesson #1 : dont open the thread when you see that zorrito is the OP

It would be easier for us if you just type it in your own language and let google translate it for us:

Take my advice, please


Sorry,wat is op? Are ya being funny? And yez i post in first post,my lack of enghlis,if ya dnt like my post,not problem,but dnt star rumors,ilove tis forum,and learn here, not hard feelings,

No, people are just having a hard time reading your posts, which is fine, no-one is having hard feelings I promise, rather a hard time understanding due to the language barrier.

I just advise trying the Google translate, it actually works quite well.

Or not…

Yes,i will post in my idiom.i espend 16 hours wrtng enghlis to improve it.tanks so much for advice.excellente idea.gracias por consejo,lo hare,gracias,

I find your posts more serious than most and are from a perspective of someone on a track and making progress. I guess some of the people are not able to read what you’re writing easily. Not so much of a problem for me, but I’m fairly adept at understanding communication. Practicing English writing skills would improve your experience here and elsewhere.

I find out about secrecy agreements before learning from someone. I have made NDA agreements and stuff to get info, it’s a pretty standard practice in many places, even for mundane stuff. There is a time and place for using the knowledge you gain though, and I think that I stand by you in your decision to share what you think is important. It’s a trade off between risk of death and knowledge… so it’s up to each to make that choice. Most would not be that harsh and most would never find out.

Breaking a vow you make is a different matter, unless you’re playing adversary against your own self.