Cocreative planes

I’ve spent alot of time considering how it is possible for one’s self to interact with true nonself entities.

Most of us know there are a variety of independent realms which compose the reality we perceive as multidimensional. Because we are multidimensional we perceive a multidimensional world.

Reality is pure, natural, and true until it is filtered by our faculties. Then it becomes distorted through a host of systems which filter all the information to a single point. This gives us the perception we live in a whole and true reality.

Now I’m not saying the reality experienced in the mundane is not true. But it is a construct of our correspondents. Our whole body is a union of correspondents which join not only dimensions within realms but also multiple realms.

Mind/spirit - the mental realm - often appears as a vast dark empty expanse sometimes referred to as the Void.

Mind/emotion - the ego realm - an independent solitary realm of universe reflected entirely to our self.

The physical body - universal construct - the waking world we all experience as the material cosmos.

Soul/mind - astral realm - a realm of multipolar magnetically charged material that can be bent into forms.

Spirit - the spirit realm - where you obe to but a rare few can awaken a temporal VERY INTENSE visual field of the spirit world which appears as a reflection of the current world but sometimes changed in subtle ways.

Subspace - nonexistent space - the funamental layer of space which can only be traveled to by becoming smaller than the smallest thing.

All of these realms (and more) are joined together by the correspondents which compose our form. What makes us a god is not that we simply exist but that by our own will and inspiration we might join realms intentionally to manifest creation.

Now understanding these things, we go into cocreative planes.

Cocreative planes is a concept specifically related to invo and evokation and similar magick where through self interacts with nonself. The idea is that energies from the spirit or astral realm actual visit our mental, ego, and/or physical realm.

The essential theory is that energies from two independent sources creates a third temporal plane joined by their energies. Then from there that energy may be directed into another realm which subsequently causes the energy to become more diluted with self. So, the good spot is to keep the energies in the third temporal space which is called the cocreative plane.