Cloth sigils


Wanted to try something more durable/resusable and fun to make. More than paper but less than metal.
The idea of patches popped into my head, so here is the beginning preparations of my next work.


Those are great! Are you selling them anywhere online?


Not at the moment, but once I get some finished I could . Let me know which sigils you work with @SoliMar and I’ll make them up.


:heart_eyes: love! I made one but with my hands since I don’t know how to use the machine lol! Turned out funny looking but fine.


@miku I’m using hand sewing right now. I have a machine but it’s about 70 years old so it’s taken apart for repair right now. Haven’t gotten around to rebuilding it because I got side tracked with an altar and a lizard cage on the same day lol.


:rofl: lol! I’ll be sure to share what I did when am home!


This is a very good idea…


I was going to start a DIY circle but didn’t have the materials, so I’m doing what I can.


I’ll take 72 orders, one of each of the 72 spirits that were mentioned in the Lesser key, thank you, let me know if you take PayPal.


:sweat_smile: this is what I’ve done!


Well done on your first try, can only get better, i wonder how expensive is a embroidery machine would set you back.

I found one on a website it is called a, The barudan BEXT S1501 Single head, 15 needle Embroidery machine their is 2 choices Elite Jnr. And the other one Elite Pro. With stand. 1 head machine for garments, caps, Leather, car mats and more it also has a Design memory with USB up to 5100 designs, so there you go one day you could upgrade to one of those to improve your embroidery.


Sounds good @Siconyte. I’ll start on the weekend when the kids aren’t home. Not sure if I am can pm yet because I’m relatively new to the forum but I’ll reach out.


@BokorTango the only sigil I work with is my One and only King Paimon.


I’m not sure if this would work but it could be very amazing to make a quilt out of a single sigil to sleep under. Putting the full 72 on a quilt would be energy overload!


:thinking: I wonder what if I do this for the qliphoth spheres sigils on my pillow case! Might be an overload?


I did this once, but I just wanted them to be in attendance, I didn’t evoke or invoke all 72.


Cool I use a white canvas fabric i cut into squares