Closing the Circuit

Hey y’all! I wanted to take advantage of this new subforum and share a technique I picked up from a little Llewellyn paperback on auras years ago. It’s a simple posture which blocks the effects of external influences on your energy body. You could do this sitting or standing and the effect is instantaneous. Simply cross your legs at your ankles and overlap your hands into the shape of a downward pointing triangle,thumbs on top and fingers pointing down forming a triangle in the center, positioned over the sacral chakra. I’ve tested this out with a friend of mine who is a gifted psychic vampire unbeknownst to him until he tried to feed off me only to find he couldn’t. The confused look on his face was priceless!

Now, I have run into the obvious problem with this being it would be problematic to attempt to perform this posture in many everyday situations. So I began working on visualizing my astral self in this posture whilst I conduct business as usual.

Yes - I read something similar years ago in a book about yoga, thanks for the clarification of this method!

Sorry Velotak. My phone won’t let me post a picture :frowning:

Deleted the post because I found it, and it is indeed how I normally sit when my arms aren’t occupied.

The body knows more than the brain, that much is apparent.

Thats neat, I kinda do similar posture. Sometimes my fingers face upward almost like making a gun with my hand. I have found it most comfortable…I also tend to arch my feet as well.

This is very nice indeed it gives me a sense of balance and serenity in meditation, plus I couldn’t help it and I’ve made a sigil which essentially contains:

i)The posture sigilized
ii)The Sacral Chakra symbol
iii)A bindrune which Deflect negative energies
iv)My intent and thoughts (“Protection of energetic body”) which broke to the point of pfgbd and then using a special alphabet of power received by the Demon of Education Abryaiyan

Iam not sure if its going t be useful or if it even work but Ill post the pic here and If you want any of you, you can try it along ^^ and if you do please give some feedback.

Activation chant given by the demon:

“Ma Spira Kalta Bes aggra Vgalta, Tas Dira Mea, Mala Kalta tas Vera Selta! x3” while making the same sign over your sacral Point while opening the sigil.

@DiscordianBliss Thank you for this excellent post m8!!!

Sorry about the crappy cam :wink:

Sigil Link:
TOP PIC: The sigil as a whole.
DOWN PIC: The rune at left and the sacral chakra at right.

@Barskevilles Dog:
By golly! You’re a gentleman and a wizard! Can’t wait to try this!

[quote=“DiscordianBliss, post:7, topic:9399”]@Barskevilles Dog:
By golly! You’re a gentleman and a wizard! Can’t wait to try this![/quote]
Iam glad you like it~ Give us a feedback if you experience anything, cheers~

Old post… I know… but this really interested me as one of my strengts in magic lies in using the body and mind together. What book is this from? Or where can I find more info on this? I just tried it and it feels like it worked against a lesser parasite.
It was my own fault… I have done kapalabhati while using moldavite which harnessed HUGE amounts of energy, and I slacked and didn’t seal my aura.
Anyway, if someone know where to find more elaborate info on this I would be thankfull as it may be the most effective method I’ve tried so far!