Closing chakras and transferring power

Im contenplating closing up my chakras and doing a ritual to give all my power to whoever wants it. Any ideas on how you guys would go about it?

Can I ask why you would want to do this?

I just want to live a normal life tbh. The more powerful you are, the more intense your experiences become. Im tired of intensity. Im tired of always being bombarded with new challenges, my mind always breaking down and rebuilding itself, all the confusing mulitdimensional dynamics at play. Its just too much. Im realizing more and more that maybe these aspects of the spiritual path might have been what my ego wanted (ego in the buddhist sense) but its not what my true inner being cares for. Its just too much hassle. However im not abandoning the path itself…just dropping the need for the cultibation of powers and whatnot.


On second thought maybe it would be sufficient to stop practicing altogether and just let it die out on its own


This would be wise, it sounds like you could do with a break. :slight_smile: Feel better!

Sounds like you need a break. Good on you for coming to that realization.