Closing a sigil

Hello all,

I’m curious. If I have a sigil that was opened with sexual energy and I offered semen upon it… how can I properly close and dispose of this sigil if I am done with it. I was going to burn it…but thought that might not be a good idea.


Burning sigils is usually fine, although you can also bury them, tear them up and toss into a running river, throw them away, etc. It really does not matter unless if the spirit instructed otherwise or you are uncomfortable with the method. I usually burn mine.


Thanks. Have you burned one that had your sexual fluids on it?

I mainly work with blood but I have used sexual fluids as well. It does create an odor you may or may not smell (as everyone’s sense of smell is different. I have a pretty sensitive sense of smell). Other than that, as long as it is dry, no harm has came on my end.


Well that’s good to know. Thanks!


This seems odd to me, I was told that burning sigils hurts the entity, hence I never burn mine, but instead keep them in case I need to make another evocation

Hmmm I’ve never heard that. Who told you that?

Burning sigils I’m an open or close them from my understanding. It can also release the work done.

That is a religious myth perpetrated by demonolators like S. Connolly.

It comes from this idea in the tradition of the Magick of Solomon, where the demon can be subjugated by holding the seal over a fire and threatening them with the “Fires of Hell” and “Eternal Torment” in the name of “God” if they do not obey the magician.

However, it is not the seal over the fire that causes the demon pain; that is just a symbolic act for the magician. It is the bindings and curses in the name of “God” that cause the pain. I very much doubt an etheric being like a demon is affected by physical fire.


Wow. Very interesting.

So do you not accept the validity of her work in general… or just take it with a grain of salt?

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Her work is good. I have a few of her books and I use some of her techniques. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to her particular path. However, I take her opinions on demons with a very heavy dose of salt because they are greatly coloured by her religious beliefs. In fact, they sort of remind me of the misinformation some New Agers spout regarding angels, and just like those beliefs, most of them don’t stand up to experience.

EA recommends burning spirit seals in his books, and I’ve been doing it for twenty years so far. No demon has complained yet.


To my understanding any method that makes the sigil owner to feel comfortable, can be used.

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And what are those exactly? You mean Demonolatry? Is she colored by Judeo Christian ideas of the demons?

Hmmm… what misrepresentation?

Thank you!

Yes. Demonolatry is a religious practice, and in one of her books, she makes the ridiculous statement that you should never draw a circle around a demon’s seal because that is a binding and is offensive to the demon. That is pure religious propaganda, because a seal is just a squiggle on paper until it is consecrated, and I have used seals both with and without the circle around them and have found absolutely no difference in the response from the demon.

That they are all human-like, and cute and fuzzy and spend their time singing praise to Gawd, except when they are answering prayers for help.

To be fair, though, I had once thought the same. It’s one of the reasons I initially leaned towards demonic magick. I wanted the whole non human scary shtick. However, I have since seen angels that were absolutely terrifying in both their non-humanness and in their raw power. They were far more frightening than any demonic king, and damn near made me wet myself. I still shudder a bit when I think about them. I’ve never met anything so vast before. Definitely “not of this world,” if you get my meaning. I felt so very, very tiny. A gnat before a cosmic hurricane.


Hmm. I gotcha makes sense. I can see it. Religious traditions run deep… rhp or lhp I guess

Ah this … yes I understand you. I was just telling someone about this the other day.

I told her to not expect all love and light and joy just because she heard the word Angel… I was telling her she has to let go of the Christian conditioning on the word


I freaking love this topic, @DarkestKnight, thank you, I have a couple of sigils that I’ve used before in ritual, and they’re actually using with energy, I made a test yesterday with them, I put the sigils I used among the a bunch of unused sigils and showed them to a friend of mine who happens to be a clairvoyant, she got the three that I’ve used among other six that I hadn’t, but I digress, my question is, should I have them burned? Or can I keep them, since I’m used to using them for evocation.

You’re not the first person I see saying that angels can be much more terrifying than Demon Kings, and honestly, this makes me all the more willing to work with them, if I’m alive until next week, I shall see to it, tell me though, when it comes to the beginning of developing your clairvoyance, would you recommend studying under somebody else or just with books? And also, if you’re allowed and willing to share it, would you mind telling us who was this angel?

@BabyDragon I freaking love your posts and questions, they always make for a delightful conversation, do you think it was worth your time trying to make the Christian girl let go of her conditioning regarding angels?

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Well thank you! I appreciate it. I’m glad someone else can learn from my questions as well.

And yes. The woman was my aunt. She has been transitioning out of Christianity for a while now. Truly I don’t think she is Christian anymore… just still has the conditioning. I’m sure she will do well!

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No, you can keep the spirit seals used for evocation, if you are using them regularly. @Lady_Eva recommends wrapping them in tinfoil, or putting them in a metal box though, to prevent any accidental energy leakage into your environment (I keep mine in a Turtles chocolate tin).

Burning seals is usually done to close them when they have been charged for a result, aka “sigil magick,” or if you are not going to be working with the spirit again for a long while. For example, when I initially started the 72 Challenge, I would burn the demon’s seal the morning after the evocation.

Some magicians even make permanent seals if they are going to be working with the same spirit a lot. In one of EA’s videos, he has the seals of the initial four Gatekeepers drawn in red on black stones, placed in the cardinal directions of his circle.

It’s a personal choice, really. We are spoiled in this day and age because we can find all the information we need for spiritual development with a few key strokes, but back in the pre-internet days, if you had no practitioners near you, books were the only option (if you had a good library or bookstore, that is).

Mentors can greatly aid your development, but they still won’t do the work for you. What they can do though, is help you avoid the mistakes they themselves made, and help you when you get into something over your head. They can also push you when you get lazy.

There are downfalls, however. There are plenty of horror stories about occult teachers using the training to take advantage of their students. Like any relationship, you are dealing with another human being, for good and bad. Being a competent magician does not mean someone is automatically a good person.

The angel had no name. It was something I scried when I was just swinging my awareness around everywhere randomly. I got sucked into this place that was some kind of cosmic womb or void and it was there. For a terrifying minute, I literally could not take my eyes away from my scrying bowl. It was frightening. I’ve never had another experience like it, and I hope I never do again.