[CLOSED] Three free reads; ask me your questions

Offering three free tarot readings.

I would prefer specific questions but will also do general.

Please be willing to provide feedback. This is all I ask in return for a reading. Even if I am completely wrong, I want to hear it so I can improve.


  • I am untested at timelines but if you really want timing I will give it my best shot.
  • Public or private, up to you.
  • I will report back with what the cards tell me, minimal sugarcoating, so please only ask questions you actually want the answer to.
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Can I have one please?
What’s the outcome of my IELTS exam in 9th January, I want 6.5 , can I reach that score?

You may, what is your question?

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I said above :point_up_2:

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What can I expect in 2021? Thank you so much

What does my future hold

Fell out of the deck: Nine of swords
Drew: Knight of cups, the world, page of swords, Justice, four of wands, ace of swords
Clarifiers: The Sun, the Hermit

This question sounds familiar. I gave you a reading about this on September 26. :stuck_out_tongue: How are your studies going? Looks like it’s been going a bit rough? Like you’ve been “stuck in your own head”, stressing about it. It’s obviously something important to you. You’ve been spending time dreaming about how achieving this goal would open up doors for you and lead you down a better path, but when it comes to actually working towards achieving this goal, looks like you’re having trouble focusing, and your mental energy is getting directed to other things instead, which you’re feeling guilty about, and it’s making you doubt your progress.

I’m happy to tell you (again) that the outcome looks good for you. But again, obviously, I stress the importance of actually putting the work in to achieve your goals — the Justice card tells me that you will get out of this exactly what you put into it; but then, the four of wands speaks of celebration, and the ace of swords speaks of new beginnings, breakthroughs, and mental clarity.

Just to be sure I pulled two more cards. The Sun and the Hermit. You will be successful. But, remember tarot readings are not infallible. The Hermit tells you to reflect on what you’re doing, and in this context, I believe the message is to become the hermit — give up any outside distractions and make sure you are dedicating mental effort to your goal.


page of wands
page of swords
the devil
king of cups
six of swords
ten of pentacles
knight of wands
four of swords rx
ten of swords
eight of wands rx

An abundance of mental energy, curiosity. A period of opportunity which will inspire something of a childlike excitement; optimism, but also perhaps naïveté. The opportunities here (I get the sense of this being at the beginning of the year) are unlikely to be material as such; they are more likely to be mental and spiritual pursuits. So it seems like you’ll be facing the new year with a lot of things to keep you excited and engaged with life.

You’ll face struggles with the material world. It’s not precisely clear, but it seems like the struggle will be related to a lust for material gain. You’ll notice a disconnect between your early optimistic outlook and all your internal work, only to find yourself disappointed when said internal work doesn’t appear to have resulted in outward change. There is a lesson here to learn in patience and balance. Thankfully you will quickly move through this period of discontent, and it will have a lasting and positive change on your psyche. You will come to know, as in, to truly know and to understand and to integrate into yourself, the importance of balancing your emotions and your expectations.

Emotional maturity is the theme here, and this should prove to be a big turning point for you. Here, in reassessing your past, you will clearly see which parts of your mentality no longer serve you and no longer fit with your new worldview. Here the knight of wands appears, throwing back to the page of wands earlier in the read. You’ll be refining your magical practice (or, if you prefer, your overall mentality concerning how you live your life). Any expectation for immediate results will be replaced by a calm certainty of how to best steer your course into the future. Your time horizon will expand. You’ll be less concerned with instant gratification and more able to appreciate the subtlely of gradual improvement, and to notice that your life is unfolding based on your desires.

I’m afraid in the later half of the year, there are more challenges coming your way. Seems incongruous with the rest of your year. It is likely to be some unfortunate and unexpected bad news. It will appear that things aren’t going your way; you might find yourself overburdened and stressed, and for a time, unable to pick yourself up and go on. Again, something unexpected, something you do not feel prepared to handle, and an infuriating mix of things moving too quickly for you, alongside the feeling of this unfortunate event dragging out longer than it needs to. But, remember, divination is never set in stone, and you can always nudge things your way with magic.

I wish you the best :bouquet:

Thank you so much for the great reading! I can tell that it is accurate because my Saturn returns 2021 and I will likely face a lot of challenges that will test me to see if I am ready to expand my influence.

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Kind of hard to predict without a time period so I went for the next three to six-ish months.

eight of wands
four of wands
two of swords
king of swords
king of wands
ten of cups

Overall, a positive read. Sudden change in a positive direction; if there’s something you’ve had your hopes on, something good is due to happen, and in general you’ll find at least one part of your life falling into place in unexpected but thoroughly enjoyable ways. Things will be going right for you; you’ll be happy, feeling accomplished, and sharing this sense of achievement with people close to you.

Things will grind to a halt when you’re faced with a decision that feels impossible to make. A time of change for you. The decision is something you should face purely with logic and reason, rather than letting your emotions sway you. Once the decision is made you should move ahead boldly to execute it — don’t hesitate, and don’t look back. Once you’ve thought it through, being decisive and then acting on your decision is key. The outcome will be exactly what you intended, and probably better than what you hoped for.

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thank you for the feedback :hugs: I hope 2021 goes well for you!

Your reading was perfect :clap: very enlightening and your analysing was to the point.
I forgot that I asked this question once but thanks for your reading ( again :wink:)

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Thanks @Thierry007 :slight_smile: good luck, mate! :clap:

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