[CLOSED] 5 Free Tarot Readings: Essential Keys Spread (Anima Mundi Tarot Deck)

Hello all,

I am offering 5 “Essential Keys” readings, for a broad overview of your general circumstances and life path trajectory. This spread is not suited for specific questions.

Please keep in mind:

  • I am a new reader
  • This is a new deck
  • Feedback, negative or positive or neutral, is greatly appreciated

I will post the results of these readings in this thread as well as in my “Holistic Tarot” Journal (without names). It will likely take me a few days to do these.

Post below or PM if interested :slight_smile:


Sure, hit me with one.

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interested, pm please

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ME please! :sparkles:

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I want to participate! :smiley:

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Last one …thanks

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I chose Knight of Pentacles as the sig. for you again.

I. Present Character/Situation: 5 of Pentacles R
II. Past that Influences the Present: 6 of Cups R
III. Your Abilities: The Hierophant R
IV. Your Passions/Interests: Page of Swords
V. Where You Are (Probably) Headed: 5 of Wands

5 of Pentacles R suggests that you are currently experiencing a personal renaissance (wonderful :slight_smile: ). You are recovering from some sort of loss, depression, or fall, and while nobody (incarnate or disincarnate) is extending their hand to you, you are picking yourself up and getting back on your path via your own initiative. 6 of Cups R speaks to painful memories and suggests a difficult childhood. The past holds some sort of power over you and has been holding you back; 5 of Pentacles R suggests your moving forward now though :slight_smile:

The Hierophant R indicates that you thrive and do your best work outside of the bounds of conventionality; self-determination is one of your greatest strengths. Page of Swords speaks to your intelligence and a fondness for intellectual pursuits that comes with a certain hotheadedness and confrontational communication style. Which leads us to 5 of Wands, which predicts in-house confrontations, ego clashing, and personal inner conflict on your horizon (nothing serious or threatening).

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@MagickVigilante, @Helena, @Ignited, @Illumia
I will get to your readings tomorrow or the day after :slight_smile:
Since this spread digs into the past and personal qualities/interests, feedback about accuracy would be very appreciated!!


Thank you for the reading! It does have resonance with some current things. :slight_smile:

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No problem.

Could you kindly pm me the reading

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Np- I’m glad I could finally give you a positive reading! :laughing:

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Sure :slight_smile:
I’m posting all of these in my Holistic Tarot Journal though, so that I can keep track of accuracy etc. Is that something you are comfortable with?

Following a powerful late night meditation experience, I got the sudden urge to pull cards for you :woman_shrugging:

I had initially planned on using Queen of Swords as the sig. for you, but intuitively went with Sun instead.

I. Present Character/Situation: Temperance
II. Past that Influences the Present: 6 of Pentacles
III. Your Abilities: 4 of Cups
IV. Your Passions/Interests: 8 of Wands
V. Where You Are (Probably) Headed: 10 of Swords

Temperance speaks to you currently being on the path to inner balance, healing and harmony :slight_smile:
6 of Pentacles suggests that you have given much of yourself and have been generous to others in your past, leading you to where you are today.

4 of Cups indicates a talent for self-evaluation, critical introspection, reflection, and planning- though perhaps at the cost of personal fulfillment and the ability to be satisfied with things the way they are and what you already have. Seeing the forest for the trees. 8 of Wands speaks to a fondness for travel and a love of adventure; you are goal-orientated and love a good chase.

10 of Swords does not bring the best of tidings; you have risen high (a position that comes with a certain danger and paints a target sign on your back), and may soon experience misfortune orchestrated by hands of others. Personally, I think 10 of Swords can also be about the death of the old self to make way for the emergence/renewal of the True Self.

I pulled some clarifiers:

I am super super new to Lenormand, but my guess would be:
To feel isolated in a loving home or to shut out familial love

@A_Pariah could likely offer a more refined interpretation

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Thank you! :sparkles:
Hmm it does resonate, yes.
Also, all cards I pull tell me there is some kind of difficulty ahead (refering to 10 of swords here).

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No problem. Cool with that.

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Np :slight_smile:
I have full faith in you to slay whatever it is that is coming your way Xxx

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I chose Strength as the sig. for you, going off of your username.

I. Present Character/Situation: Queen of Swords R
II. Past that Influences the Present: 7 of Cups
III. Your Abilities: 8 of Pentacles R
IV. Your Passions/Interests: The Moon
V. Where You Are (Probably) Headed: Ace of Pentacles R

Queen of Swords R suggests that you may currently be operating in a narrow-minded, petty, cruel, or elitist way- or be subject to the whims of a woman who behaves this way. Seven of Cups suggests that you succumbed to temptation or were blinded by delusions of grandeur in the past; you likely acted in pursuit of misguided goals, spurred on by wishful thinking in the absence of patience and self-control.

8 of Pentacles R does not provide insight into the nature of your abilities, so much as inform you that you are squandering them. It encourages you to work harder, particularly if there is an endeavor you have been blowing off. The Moon speaks to strong interests in internal mysteries and the inner self, emotional and unconscious realms, dreams and dreamwork, fantasy, the feminine, the unknown, the mystical, the frightening, and the obscure.

Ace of Pentacles R suggests that your current path is leading you to disappointment and dissatisfaction, particularly in the material/domestic/physical/financial/commmercial realms. You may secure something, but any happiness or contentment it brings you will likely be fleeting.


thanks for reading, this caught my eye, i cannot speak for it being fully accurate as i am not sure, but most seems like it, and yes, there was a female being, who i feel had been acting this way, though i might be incorrect

the moon is also very correct


im not sure how accurate, but to a degree i have to agree