Climbing the trees

Ok so I’m wanting to start pathworking with the trees.Not sure which one to do first yet,but I was wondering how to start this process.
I can’t evoke to physical manifestation yet and I don’t want to rely on internal impressions for this sort of work.
Can someone give me a good starting point for each tree?


Knows his shit


Thanks empyrean for all the great resources and ideas.
I noticed you mentioned Plato.I haveva book full of his works and was wondering what I should be looking for there?

I’d also recommend Manly Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages as a precursor to the mystery schools of knowledge. That book is jam packed through Plato, all the way down to Mohammadism, Rosicrucianism & Masonry. That man’s knowledge was a gift to the world.

It’s got it all.

I also recommend Donald Michael Craig’s ‘Modern Magick’ as an intro into Hermetic Magick, and anything by Ron Clark or Francis Bardon on Quaballa.

Of course read the Zohar, the book of light, the Yetzirah, etc. I have alot more work to do based on what empyrean93 posted, I’m still relatively new to the system, but it’s in my blood, and I was called, so I’m learning fast. Also make it a point to read Zen teachings, the Bhagavadgita, study Astrology, the Chakras (Which you still discover in Quabala anyway).

As empyrean93 has alluded, these systems are fully compatible with Koetting’s works.

I look at studying Quaballa & Hermeticism as throwing rocket fuel on E.A’s stuff, lol.

Oh…and get yourself a bible…and read it. Learn to decode it for the allegories & hidden meanings. Make it your mission in life. I have a nice audio-Torah I listen to while I’m at the gym, etc, makes life easy.

Good to know there are other people here into Quabala! :wink:

[quote=“empyrean93”]What an interesting question. Well… I would start with the

1.Idea of sound color and word and thought all being vibrational energy. Vibrate the names of the spheres and their angelic rulers.

  1. Learn the “Map” of the light side of the Tree. Learn the associations and forms of each sphere.

  2. Think of it as a chakra system that penetrates all levels of reality.

  3. Kabbalistic Cross, Middle Pillar, Circulation of Light, and Lesser Ritual of the Pentegram is good daily excersize. (and fun) Learn them then experiment with different pantheon god names.

6.Read the psychological theories of Jung, Wilhelm Reich then Israel Regardie (who drew from both along with Crowley).

  1. Read the Dialouges of Plato

  2. Read the Zohar and Sepher Yetzirah

9 Learn the 7 traditional names for God used by the Jews in the Middle Ages (and what they mean)

  1. Learn the Hebrew letters and their meaning from an esoteric rabbinical perspective, then study their correlation with the Tarot.

If you want to dive into the Dark Side of the Tree Have at it, the same structure of learning could still benefit, but I would get these books

  1. Satanic Bible

  2. Anything on Sumerian mythology, demonology and diabolical witchraft (Witches Hammer etc)

  3. Study the biblical apocalypse of St. John, key points:
    A Astrological symbolism of animals
    B. Abbadon, the Great Red Dragon, The 7 Headed Dragon,Whore of C.Babalon and the Abuso (The Pitt) is detailed all in one book.(plus it lets out the secret that Jesus was black hahaha)

    Keynote: The Pitt is referenced in the ritual structure of Lavey very much, and there is a lot of Christian scholars who detail what it means, and it is pretty damn deep. The Red Dragon is focused on by Karlsson, The 7 headed dragon is focused on by Michael Kelly and M. Ford, the Beast and Babalon by Crowley, and Abbadon of course is in E.A.'s gatekeeper ritual.

  4. Pillars of Tubal Caine

  5. Qabalah Qlippoth and Goetic Magic by Karlsson

  6. Prepare to be completely fucked

Bwahahah…oh man the Qlippoth…a gallon full of yikes imho.

All the stuff in E.A’s books will turbocharge any of this stuff and I really really really really really can’t wait until he does a Qabalaah course. He says he doesn’t consider himself a Qabalist per se as to getting lost in the minutae etc but even the deceptively simple practices in some of his books are like a blowtorch so I know it’s gonna be kickass.[/quote]

I was really impressed as well with how knowledgable you are of the Tree of Life, and as I just recently discovered, the Adverse Tree fo the Qlippoth

I don’t think this system can be simplified to the extent you’re looking for musta krackish. If you’re really wanting to start somewhere on this subject I would start off by reading Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic by Thomas Karlsson. Not only it’s a good read but it gives you plenty of exorcises, incantations and rituals that could be used to open up the astral gateways within the Qliphothic System. I found this pdf online of the book I’m talking about but it can be purchased off of amazon for like 30 bucks. Either way it’s worth a read if you’re interested.