For some reason, I’ve always seemed interested in things about cleopatra. (Even all things Egyptian for years.) It’s kinda funny too that I took those Facebook quizzes that say “Who is your history twin” or something like that and I ALWAYS get cleopatra. Took at least 5 different quizzes and it’s always saying cleopatra. Seriously, is it because cleopatra is trying to tell me something or a coincidence?

Because this is freaking ridiculous. I know this may be a stupid question, but I had to ask about this.

Update: and the first entity I clearly saw in a vision was an Egyptian deity


((Yes, I know I blurred the word ‘freaking.’ I wanted to be funny))


I don’t know much about deitys or even magick in general, but I always took synchronicities seriously. Who knows, maybe she is in fact trying to tell you something and is sending you all those little messages, even more so if you feel draw to things that are related to her in any way.

I can’t say much, but trust your instinct with her and good luck! :slight_smile:

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It did it again! Whyy

could be a past life memory or she could be coming through to teach you something, she was an avid follower of isis i believe.


Duke/Duchess Bune…


Evoke her or evoke Isis (the goddess not the organization dedicated to fucking goats). They will have something to say.


Well, let’s see, if we are on the subject of history here. Not much it is known about Cleopatra VII, other then the fact that she was a great ruler who was concerned whit the aspects of her kingdom. She contacted Caesar for political affairs and after his death in 44 BC she starts to make pacts whit Mark Antony eventually becoming his mistress. Some letters are known to exists somewhere in the British Museum, telling some things about Cleopatra political interests. In those letters are clearly shown a very good ruler who struggles to “make Egypt great again”. She talks about her friend who she considered her sister, some queen of Babylon.


I know this is a very late answer on this thread but she is definitely trying to contact you if she hasn’t already, she was my Queen in our past life and I was her friend, lover, sister, advisor and in our last moments together I decided to end my life with her with the snake venom we both had. She is now with me at all times in this incarnation, helping me and serving me as I once served her, she tells me she wants to marry me, and I hope we will soon. :heart: