Hi everyone just here letting some insight about some recents experience I had.

It’s been a year since I started meditating, I don’t do it everyday anymore but still at least 3 times a week for about 1 hour everytime.
For about a month ago I started having the feeling that with my eye closed I could see, but there was only the feeling that I saw and nothing more, at the next meditation I did I had the same feeling but this time for a short period of time like at max 15-20 sec I swear I was seing while my eyes where shut, but don’t ask me what I was too far into my meditation trance to try focus about it.

And since that day when I close my eyes when meditating I can get that effect from time to time (like 1 meditation out of 2) I still don’t know what I’m really seing.
Even more recently it happen also before going to bed but it’s less frequent and doesn’t last as long.

I’ll report on this topic when I’ll get more experience with this new kind of “sight”
I should receive my NAP book(New avatar power) at the start of December and it will most certainly help me unlock more of that thing.

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Robert Bruce talks about this in his free energy work primer. You are basically seeing the astral version of your environment.

In the course, Robert has the student focus the “sight” on their hands and feet, but eventually more and more details will begin to emerge, and you’ll see the colour of your clothes, the details of objects around you, etc.


Thanks for the precious piece of information !
I’ll read that more in depth

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