Clearing up religious dogma

Hello E.A. Koetting,

I really love and honor your work. I come from a christian/abusive upbringing, however I have taken the step to overcome the past. I have taken a 12 step program for ACOA which has helped me tremendously with my self-esteem and acknowledging, validating, and letting go of the past.

The reason I bring this up is because I have been working on my magical ascent for years however the program I needed is what has accelerated my ascent. The path brought me to the lucifer initiation in which I did through you as my real name Johnny. Thank you for to allow me the opportunity to be initiated.

The brief message you gave me afterwards was enlightening due to beliefs I have had that have held me back. So this is where my question now lies… For some reason I can’t break out of the Christian Ideology that I will burn in hell for this. I know how absurd this may sound however I really feel like deep down there is something wrong with what I have done and I really believe there are some limiting beliefs around this that is still holding me back from truly accepting the initiation in my heart.

I feel like if I give up the holy spirit I will forever burn. Can you please help me with this? Because I truly want to overcome this belief that is holding me back so that I may ascend. Thank you very much and for your listening.

With all respect and love,