Clearing The Astral Air: Satan speaks

I have come to you today to reconcile misunderstandings that hinder and limit the use and amount of power you can gain.

Let us begin.

Jesus and I are rivals and that is it. We are not defined by our conflict and neither are our pantheons.

Some of you humans play “Street Fighter” right? Notice how Ken and Ryu are Eternal Rivals? In that same way Jehovah and I are Rivals. Just like the Aspect of Myself you call Ahriman and Ahura Mazda are Rivals.

We are not defined by our conflicts with each other. Small minded Christians and Satanists alike have polluted your minds with this.

Shall we move on?

On Lucifer
Lucifer and I are two entirely different beings with similat characteristics and Attributes. Hes like a Brother to me.

Who is the King of Hell you ask? We both are. We rule two different sides and empires of it. You didnt think that the Infernal Empire has Limited itself to the definitions you use to define an Empire do you?

There are Many “Kings of Hell” as there are Queens of Hell.
What “King of Hell” means is,
"I played a part in the building and making of Hell and helped expand it into a Kingdom and eventually an Empire!

Again, there are many unknown Kings and Queens who have actively taken part in thr expansion of the Infernal Empire.

Going back to the point, Lucifer is the Frontman of The Infernal Empire while I work in the Shadows. No one has less power than the Other.
Do not confuse this to mean that I am “Behind the throne” or some misconstrued understanding

Lets move on.

On EA/Enki: My Mask

The Above beings are Aspects of my manifestations as I manifested to the Sumerians.
They are not and never will be the sum total of myself and my power.

I have many different aspects and Have taken many forms through History that you do not know about. When they combine, my true form is revealed.

My Identity In The Bible

Just because one part of the Bible may be true, that doesnt mean ALL of it is true. Remember this and avoid that fallacy.

I am the Red Dragon, and The Beast out of the Sea and Earth, and The False Prophet.
I am the Serpent, The Adversary.
I have returned to establish a New Aeon, The Aeon of Satan.

I am accomplishing this in many ways.
Here are some:

Black Magic of Ahriman

EA Koetting

**Varnaxis, through @Lady_Eva **

Some of you here who are serious about your Ascent

Those in the Anti-Cosmic Current AND the Cosmic Current

The RHP. Yes even them.

I am bringing things to a critical mass as I am the Gateway into and out of the universe. I am the Destroying God himself. The Dark Aspect of Shiva, as Lucifer is the Light Aspect.

I am the Accuser of The Bretheren, right? The Bretheren are The Gods. I point out their “Sins” and strip them of their Holiness and show you how things really are.

I am a Trickster and Being of Fire. A God of Fire and Nature and Lust. Pan and Cerunnos are very similar to me.

That is all I have to say for now. This is the Aeon of Satan, the Age of/Return of Black Magic.
Both The Light and The Darkness Belong to the People

Goodbye for now. Be strong.
In all things, seek not Greatness, but Power.


The timing of this impeccable.


@Micah, If u haven’t yet seen my post in my Lucifer journal today, talk about syncronicity. Dude, read my post today in my Lucifer journal. I posed a few questions in regards to Satan and Lucifer that maybe u could answer. Try not to judge me. Lol!:metal:

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This post right here somehow says what I said. “When they combine, my true form is revealed.” Do u mean when Lucifer and Satan combine, the end result is Satan?


i view lucifer as the mercury part of this being and satan is the sun while azazel is the saturnian part of the multiversal being and theres other planetary aspects like noctulius his darker aspect which is moon,and beelzebuth is his jupiter aspect.and theres a lot of aspects of this being greatly ancient and power his face is the universe indeed we are satan .satan is the stars and everything.and why the end result is satan? well because sun is viewed as the central planet.this kinda shit explanation i am not good at explaining things lol but i hope u understand

I’m lost lol! I tagged u in the post I refer to. Dang it it’s cuz of u I began thinking of this. Lol!

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I think u saw it already. U were going to post a link or somerhing. Plz just post it on that thread so it’s easy to find

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