Clearing some Misconceptions about Spirit Keeping

I’ve Noticed that many of you here have had experiences with Various sellers and claimed some pretty wild things aswell and I’m not going to say that what you’ve experienced isn’t true,but a lack of knowledge breeds unrivaled ignorance.Spirit Keeping has changed drastically over the last couple of centuries and the belief that many reputable sellers are binding spirits against their will or giving people Servitors and thoughtforms or “parasites” are untrue I and many others can verify this,I’m not attacking anyone in particular for their beliefs again I’m not a God so I cannot judge but the practice itself is rather solid,Especially the Work of those at CH,BluJay,Lisa,etc… all of them are valid Conjurers that have contributed much to changing the way we define spirit keeping in general.For those who are ill-informed the Vessel that are offered if you even want one are merely a bridge if you will between their realm and ours and usually only used for most novices to get used to the energy of the being.They do not live in the Vessel and the only way they will be bound against their will is through Black magic and as many of you have also stated a lot of the sellers I mentioned have been dubbed followers of the “RHP”.In Conclusion please think things through before badmouthing and giving false information about others because of your own inability to communicate with entities and spirits and insecurities there of,Any replies or thoughts of their own are very much welcome thank you.


This gives me hope. :cry:

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