Is there any methods to cleansing any room I looked over the forum and youtube and the most common one is Sage cleansing but for most of what i heard u need to open a window and let the Negative energy out the new energy come in I have one window in my room and where I live is really hot so my window has in air conditioner in it so I cant really do that any other methods beside sage or do I really need to open a window

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You don’t need to open a window to “let the negativity out”.

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You can simply stand in the centre of your room, and use your own energy and intention to push out any negative energy. No window required.


Got it thanks

Awesome thanks

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I understand that it is recommended to back fill the room with a energy using sweet grrass or another incense. …what have you guys heard?

Yes, you can do that. If you do it before bed, it can help with nightmares.