Cleansing Ritual

So I have performed a cleansing ritual were I drew the sigil as the salt going in 8 directions just like on a compass…I used a tea light candle and rose quartz crystal since I had no clear quartz crystal at that time. Now I started the ritual at 7pm GMT…and the tea light is still on it’s “last legs”…during the ritual I repeated the incatation several times and used different hand positions and charged the sigil with my energy each time. I am suppose to be doing a banishing ritual but I was advised to do it a twilight, and it is now 1:25am…I am wanting the tea light to burn out naturally so the ritual closes out naturally…could the tea light candle be holding out cos I super charged the ritual?


Move your crystal further away. I noticed with my alter set up that the tea lights i have that are closer to my amythest and quartz last longer. And for some reason my north and south candles would burn out first befor my east and west.

I only had the one rose quartz crystal…by the time I received your message I was already into my banishing ritual

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It looks like the sigil that i saw while i was meditating.

For that I simply use my vocal affirmations and yell at my problem, …often in the direction of a wall, of course my neigbours might think I’m crazy but I don’t care about that. When I yell, trust me, they know it’s me. Enforce with force I always say.