Cleansing and uncrossing opinion?

I don’t have the ingredients needed for most of these rituals. I do banish regularly but as I’m dipping my toes in baneful Magick (nothing too devastating), I’d like to know when uncrossing myself, instead of taking the bath, could I instead invoke solar energy and visualize the target(s) energy and cords burning away from me and have intent on destroying the connection between them and me?I do this from time to time and it works well as a general cleansing.

I do work with a deity to block targets from tracing me but it doesn’t hurt to take an extra precaution

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lapis lazuli,rock crystal, red rope around hand, shiva eye stone protects aura wash in salt water

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I don’t take ritual baths. I’ve used the method you’ve described before with just energy and intent. If solar is a powerful feeling for you, then go for it. The intent and will behind the visualization is what will do the work for you.