Cleansing after spellwork

is it safe to do cleansings after performing a binding love spell or will the cleansing cleanse my workings away?

i feel after i have done a few spells my energy is blocked and nothing is moving forward
this is why im looking at cleansing aura and chakras

When have you done spells? In your intro barely two days ago, you said you had no experience and “have not tried anything” :thinking:

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Yes, just make sure your intention is clearly focused on cleansing the space of unwanted energy, and not undoing the binding.

If you feel tire energy is blocked, it may just be fatigue, but also make sure you are grounding and see if that helps. :slight_smile: To ground, walk on the Earth with bare feet.


ive had them done by friends in the occult but not actually done any on my own yet