Clauriaudience or something else?

So, last night I was practicing that exercise were you relax all your body and focus all your attention to the point were your third eye is supposed to be. I’ve been doing this for five days or so and feeling a little pressure (constantly) in my forehead, ever since I tried to reach Lucifer (he didn’t help me with the healing I need, by the way).

While I was at this, I heard some stuff in a voice that doesn’t sounds like mine. I’ve listened many times my voice in recordings and I know I can imagine other voices.

First, “Tu sistema no es una frase” which I translate as “Your system isn’t a sentence” and later “Una casa propia” which I translate as “A house of your own / An owned house” (the wording is a little ambiguous).

Now, yesterday I did some sigil invocation, but I had already did my banishings for the moment I did the exercise. So, I’m confused.

Is this clauriaudience? Is this normal at all? Or was I just imagining things?


it is likely clairaudience. the only way to know is to explore it though.


Last night lying in my bed I heard voices, too.
Couldn’t explain myself why or from whom.
What I heard were fragments…

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most probably clairaudience, I get that a lot. Strange fragmented sentences, almost words, and a lot of random hissing with the occasional growl seem to be my thing. If you’ve been practicing magick and you don’t have a clear history of psychotic/personality disorders relating to delusion and/or hallucinations, it’s almost definitely not just your imagination. So, congratulations on the gift!


Thank you everyone. So, I have to keep pushing.

It’s nice knowing that I’m making a little progress.

@Acara, I do have a history of mental issues, but not like that. Depresion, at some point anhedonia and obsession. So, I’m safe I think.


While the third eye has nothing to do with clairaudience it’s most likely such.

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Yeah, the exercise I was doing involves focusing in the area of the third eye. But I’ve been trying to get clauriaudience, after that episode I told I tried to reach Sastan for help. I don’t know if it is working.

Thanksfor the comment, man, I really respect your opinion.