Claunek tingz

I looked on the forum and still no answer, so I just wanna know what Claunek likes as an offering?

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Alcool green candles incense your attencion when he speaks and your respect view him as a teacher or family. If he has any other request make it a priority.

I think the best offering you can give to Clauneck is to notice the opportunities that he brings you (I assume you’re working with him for financial reasons), thank him for them, and actually pursue them in your mundane life. Demons tend to relish in using their power to manifest your desires. You’re giving him the opportunity to “flex his muscles” in your life, and that alone is enough.

You do have to remain open to what he has to teach you, however. In my experience, Clauneck is very good at showing you what in your life does not serve you. This could be a bad habit, a bad relationship, or a bad work opportunity. He helps you to cut out the crap in your life so that you can manifest something even greater.