So, i read randomly that Clauneck prefers to work through your job to give you what you ask for, but i hear all the time that Clauneck provides through serendipity, like finding a $50 on the ground or some such.

How has he manifested things in your lives?

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I’ve haven’t had much success with Clauneck. I have invoked him many times. I got nothing. I could use $50 bucks right now! :smile:


From personal experience Clauneck is very interactive and chatty. When evoked with an intent, he’ll visit me frequently to give advice. Not hung up on ceremony. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, as his voice is subtle.

I will get the spontaneous “Clauneck is here” thought in my head. For me he speaks in third person when announcing his presence.

His advice is very “in the moment” and has led to some positive changes in my career.

That’s my UPG ( unverified personal gnosis), whatever that means.


Yes, he’s helped a few people I know with their businesses, the more you have routes for that business to grow the more he seems able to get stuck in, he seems very committed and when I worked with him on something I came to think very hihgly of him, a real hard-worker and no messing about.


Actually I have had a similar experience. One of the first times I ever experimented with adding demonic sigils to power my personal sigils, I worked with Clauneck. I am also an internet reseller. About a week later I received an order and the customer asked for it to be shipped to him in Mexico, but at the time I did not offer international shipping. My gut-shot thought was to explain this to him politely and cancel the order. A split second later I had a buzz in my head basically telling me to step out of my comfort zone and fill the order, even though it was inconvenient to do so because I knew nothing about the process. I took a crash course in international shipping in about two hours and filled the order. It went so well that I decided to make the changes to all my listings so they offer that option. End result: I could not be happier. I have yet to receive any “found” money since that time, however, so I must concur that Clauneck manifests through your own activities.


Yes he did manifest but just small amounts. I can’t remember what I did with the damn spell and sigil otherwise I would keep working on it. As a precaution I did self hypnosis to forget everything that I do as magic so I can’t remember and is annoying sometimes because I can’t remember where I put my spells…

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That’s quite funny! (in a non insulting way) Your prowess with self-hypnosis must be rather advanced.

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Not the case for me .

Same here . Did you have any luck ?

Are you asking him to make the cogs turn for your business on your behalf, or have you tried working with him on a guidance-basis so your personal understanding of what money is and how it works and how it ties in with prosperity and abundance?

The first will be hard if you do not have an existing flow that you are trying to increase. Belphegore is better for startups.

The second, though, is how wealth is created. Asking for guidance in matters of finance and in commerce and you will be much happier with the result. Clauneck is very much like King Paimon in the sense that he can and may help you directly, but he expects you to put in the work too.

So, perhaps reassess your strategy. And always strive to do and understand more.