I have been asking the demon Clauneck for help, he has delivered!! Thank you Clauneck !!


And what’s the discussion about? LOL

Post it here next time so everyone can see :slight_smile:


Thanks for that :+1::+1: Greatly appreciated :+1::+1:

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I’ve been very curious about Claunecks personality. With Bune I feel so clear and focused on my personal ventures and know when to stop talking during a deal lol. But I will most likely need to be hired onto a new part time job soon and I need that “safe yet valuable employee” vibe. I think employers can sense right away my mindset is too big to be stuck at a low paying overworked 9 to 5. the path to passionate entrepreneurship has been treacherous but I have seen the promised land!

Well as im not working yet for 2 months

Sorry about tat, im off since febrery im off work. I cnt push magik yet bxse its not one hiring yet, and its another rent coming. I feel you but i feel pushing deities to far in tis times is critical .i will rest clauneck and everyone relax for now.