Clauneck, the 3rd. Ritual - Reconnection

As I told in a previous post, my first encounter with Clauneck was a ritual that I made toward the end of April. My economic situation was very bad at that time without work, without knowing how he would cover the costs of the following month. Clauneck held out his hand, I got the help I needed and some work. While I continued to work with him, over the next month, I was losing touch with the great King. My needs had changed, I needed a job urgently, and I walked away from Clauneck.

There appeared the Duchess Bime (or Duke Bune), of which I spoke here earlier. It appeared the way these deities usually appear in, based on various coincidental facts, reiterated, that reveal their names, through texts or through people who begin to speak to you about them. The repetition of the same is what generates that kind of connection, is not something you search for, it just happens. Working with Bime made me loose focus in Clauneck, even when both are deities governing material aspects, prosperity and abundance. While Clauneck is a demon for prosperity and abundance, self-discipline, business opportunities, Bime is more specific in providing unexpected money from unexpected sources, it is more for short-term goals, and more akin to provide a stable job.

This is what made me sign out of Clauneck and indeed what I’ve agreed with him, something I regret. The connection with Bime was a success, enormous; money came during June and July, and was more unexpected than ever made. Today I work in a company because of Her. But something was missing, I had to honor my pact with Clauneck. Then I realized that Bime came to mean like a bridge needed to achieve what had actually initially agreed with Clauneck, and for that I needed a job and immediate income.

I tried to reconnect with the great king, but to no avail. It is known that Clauneck is severe about the lack of commitment and discipline, even if I’ve had my human reason to stay away. This did not please Clauneck. None of the 2 rituals approach came up approarching me at all. I was not asking for anything other than make contact again. Bu then, the inexplicable happened.

In late June a new customer had offered me a job, a small software development, well paid, a good opportunity. This was given to me from Bime, along with other things. But the project did not start. There was always an impediment, meetings, lack of agreements, delays by the customer. July went away and I really needed to make the project. Clauneck then, appears for the third time.

In the third attempt in the third ritual, I finally managed to reconnect with the great King, receiving a very clear message: “Work hard and I’ll be there.” It was so clear that it is as if I was listening to it now. The ritual was not even over, the candles were not even extinguished, Suddenly, after more than 1 month this client appears confirming the project! Not only he appeared, he appeared during the ritual, after more than a month and a half of no contact. It appears right away after giving departure permission to Belial, to Flereous, Lucifer, Leviathan and of course Clauneck.

I speak at that time with the client and tells me the development “anyway” would begin in late August. While it was not what I wanted to hear because I needed the money for that time, I accepted. I thought saying him that I could start mid-month to gain some time, and it would take a few days. (Clear influence of Clauneck, making you a wise business man, at the right time and with the right words). The candles were still lit, the presence of Clauneck in the room was strong, severe, representing the great authority He is. Within minutes, the customer tells me to start development. Not only that, but that he will pay in advance 50% of the project within 2 days, which he fulfilled with no delay!

Notice how not it was only a stucked business, but also it moved from a delayed begining of one month, to start it immediately and 50% payment in advance. Clauneck held out his hand again, there is no other possible explanation. He acts with this speed, and was also in the initial contact in April when, during the full ritual, something that had asked to third parties got confirmed.

Immensely grateful, and surprised, I forced myself to take this time writing this post, because the history deserves it and hopefully encourage others to connect with Clauneck when they need concrete projects, businesses, and achieve wealth and prosperity. Now I work with him for the last part of the agreement in April, both, with him and with Lucifer. It is a medium to long-term project, which requires enormous discipline and dedication from me. It is the most important thing that I ever asked to both of them.


Hail lord clauneck! I am thinking of contacting him for my online job which unfortunately I have been trying to get a result for about four years but without success.

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He will help you if you do it right and apply yourself.