Clauneck, Ornias, Orobas, Oriens for immediate wealth

How much can realistically be requested, and timing and reliability of the requested amount?

This depends on your personal circumstances the Flow of money, income or wealth is another type of energy. The more channels you have for it to physically manifest the more you could draw to you.

If you want WEALTH or prosperity as i prefer to aim for that is gonna take multiple workings geared toward building a foundation for either to grow.


Better put perhaps…

  1. Who are spirits/angels/demons who can produce money (requested amount), cash, within 48 hours?
  2. Reliability of producing requested amount?
  3. Reliability of meeting the deadline?
  4. How is it paid back in terms of energy, etc?
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I didn’t know Orobas gives wealth

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Clauneck in Wikipedia is an interesting read.
Orobos can confer dignity or provide what’s needed. Clauneck will assess you, and if you heed what’s said, you will be helped, otherwise bought and sold by auction.


Clauneck works pretty fast, but requires an outlet for that money to come to you. I had a few things I was selling and called on clauneck. Next day I got a bonus from work and sold the computer I left for consignment that’s been sitting there for a few months, all in cash

Definitely recommend working with him :slight_smile:


Lon Milo DuQuette wrote a piece on his first Goetic conjuring and summoning, it was Orobas. He chose him because Orobas is loyal and will help in diverse matters. He delivered and delivered on time according to Lon.