Clauneck help money ritual

Hello everyone.I found this ritual.I wonder what to think about this ritual, think especially after reciting I don’t know what it means in translation so I hope it’s not something like forced This Spirit to give me this money here it is

To have money at will

How many pieces of money do you want, whether they are copper, silver, gold or other, to cut out the rings of double, glued parchment, and sign on both sides of the parchment the signs you find on the coins you ask. then make a circle on the table and put so many signs of the spirit of Claunch in it, how many coins you demand. Put all the parchment coins in the column and say the following formula:

Claunch feras catibam
Pignungch nemceranot agan
Pervima ferunt erichen
Clebanoch not trebrero

Then sing these words once more with a stringed instrument and sleep for an hour on your bed, not thinking for money. After an hour you will find as many genuine coins as you wish .

I am changing the threads name because it makes you look like you need help :+1:

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