Clauneck best ever

Clauneck and Lucifer answer all who truly serve them. i am almost out of my slump and i have been generating income almost everyday.


I have not work with Lucifer yet but been working with Clauneck since November and I feel he’s done me good I had him judge me show me my true value and feel he did
I offer him dragons blood incense every tue

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Matt how are you working with Clauneck? Are you working from the Grimorium Verum or another source?

Unsure I was web browsing at time and was looking for a magical fix so to speak and I came upon a reference of being judged by Cluanke he can show me my true value as well where I need to grow so I made a bit of a spell summoning slash meditation and there was that
Look up he likes dragon blood incense he’s a day demon Tuesday favorite day