I need much more info then is available in a grimoire I used him for sigil magic and he delivered with ferocity. I am going to evoke him next but I need much more info than a grimoire can tell me, I need lots of info from you members I have his sigil but I need a ritual that will be effective I’m using him to increase sales of my current business which is is selling clergy robes how ironic. any detailsthat can help would be greatly appreciated thanks,

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satan loves him.

He’s under the rule of a duke I think.

Often called Satan’s dark twin.

very greedy, wants more and more.

Idk. That’s about all I can think of.

If you want “much more information than a grimoire can give” you’ll have to get your hands dirty and evoke him and hold a conversation. Not trying to sound rude but you can’t expect all the answers to be given to you. You have his sigil, you know enough about him to get the juices flowing, all that’s left is for you to evoke him. So that’s what you gotta do.

My advice is opening his sigil and getting the feel of Clauneck, internalizing his energy and making up a ritual on paper, based on intuitive thoughts from his energy. It’s a little hard to explain, but try seeing how he would like to be evoked by looking at the evocator through his energy.