Clathrate-gun's introduction thread

I was asked to create one of these. My background so far has been eclectic and I am still
working on determining the actions I will take to learn more about myself and who I really am and taking them as I see fit. I don’t expect to ever stop doing that though. I have cast spells that worked, I have had some intense internal and external experiences including explosive awakening to spiritual reality and several years of roaming the streets almost completely insane and without shelter, I have invoked a couple Goetic demons, I have defended against magickal attack. Due to my direct experiences with negative energy I have embarked on a more positive path in the last year and am primarily working on healing myself and others, reading, and self-inquiry. I am also interested in contacting spirits for theurgic purposes and would welcome recommendations as to how to go about that.


Thank you, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: