Clarification on Baneful Magick

I’ve been reading E.A’s book on Baneful Magick and had a question I hope someone could answer. In his book he states

“While symbols are potent in causing great change in the world, or causing great harm to an enemy, it is not recommended to use them alone in procuring the death of a victim. This task, which is indeed a dark and difficult one, will require several repetitions of the above Operation, one at least every three days with the same symbols, causing a continuous rain of Baneful Magick upon your enemy until his body, mind, and spirit can no longer withstand your curses.”

So my question is if one only wants to cause great harm to an enemy,and not death, do you still do several repetitions off the above Operation, once every three days. Or just the one time and let your will be done and not focus on the results of the ritual?

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You’ll still do multiple days to have the energy of the rite embeds itself sort of speak into the target. If you are only looking to harm. That is done during the rite itself, directing your will to their suffering and not their death.

Of course the risk with this is, if you’re not entirely specific and direct with your will, it could have unseen consequences. Magick tends to take the path of least resistance unless specifically guided


When you say unseen consequences do you mean towards the target?

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Also @boredomkill5 thanks for your response

Yes towards the target, ie, if your not specific you may end up killing even if that wasn’t your end game. Some times curses hit harder than we initially want.

Really comes down towards the strength of hate you feel towards them.

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So if I understand correctly if one only wants to cause harm then that’s done in the rite itself but one will still have to do multiple days to have the energy of that rite embedded into the target, am I understanding correctly?

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