Clairvoyants in the Goetia

I am reading a small book on Clairvoyance, and it breaks it down into four subtypes - Psychological, Spatial (time space), Astral, and Spiritual.
I wonder if certain goets use all the subtypes, or each just use a specific subtype.


Good thought brother. What comes to mind for me is Orobas as spatial clairvoyance, as well as spiritual. Dantalion reminds me of psychological clairvoyance. To implant knowledge into the subconscious that will lead to psychological understanding of others. More importantly, the self. To know the self is to know the outside self. Here is what I have for Dantalion. This is from the Luciferian goetia.

“Dantalion is a Might Duke who appears as a being which has numerous faces of both
men and women, each one has either black or solid white eyes, who speak in different
tongues. He holds a book in his right hand, which is the grimoire of high art. Dantalion
reveals the secret council or thoughts of others, which in an initiatory context means that
Dantalion may provide the magician to begin the understand of common psychology and
human thinking based on cause, body language and such. Dantalion is an Angel of selfstudy
and self-control, and is a powerful spirit. He can also cause the union of individuals
that it may be probable, and is a guide to other beautiful places in the world. He governs
36 Legions of Spirits.”


E.a’s “questing after visions” is the best book I’ve ever read relating to “seeing”


@Serpent … Yes … Exactly.
@Timpler … I saw it on the bookshelf and skimmed it, I will have to look for it again to read.

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