Hey Guys , Saki from South Africa here so I’ve been doing a whole lot of digging in regards to invocations, etc… Okay so i have my mind set out on the Demonic Lord I’d like to work with and go forward with the entire ritual situation and so forth, however I’m still a little confused how the face off is bound to go down , so i did a little digging there too and came across these out of body experiences and something called clairvoyance where you awaken your third eye , i feel i could use a little help from BALG im relation to everything in actuality …Okay so i set up a ritual space , draw a pentagram on the floor in the centre of the room , focused on the sigil of the demonic lord i’d like to invoke and i simply chant its enn until tge energy in the room changes??? Is there truth to this all, do i need artifacts , how many candles ?? Is there a specific day or hour of day i should carry this out , what of the candles should those be a certain colour or ??
Gosh okay so i could use a lot of help …I’m new to it all


The artifacts you mentioned isnt needed at all,but they enchance the ritual.However you must develop your psychic senses in order to evoke/invoke and succesfully communicate with any kind of spirit.

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The props are there to for your mood and to help bolster your sense that:

“Hey this is legit.”

Without the sense of “this is real and legit”, you may not have good results. So start by convincing yourself. Being from South Africa you might be surrounded by more spiritual people than the average North American so this may not be a stretch for you.

Is all this stuff real? If you have doubts, erase them by performing minor magick work and go find your proof. Talk to your elders without tipping them off to your antics.

Once you have no doubt and have convinced yourself that there are forces humans don’t quite understand, then make your call.

As for specific tools, if a dog head candle that smells like watermelon doesn’t distract you, then use that. A single plain candle is fine or follow the instructions in a book if it feels more legit. Perhaps no candles at all is better for your situation. I prefer plain candles. Black is great. Unscented. I’m not too fond of toxic perfumes.

Your ritual:

Just take your time. Be gentle to your mind. Remember to take note of your emotional state so you can detect when the spirit communicates.

Go through to the end. Go through the motions. Be respectful and open. Make sure it feels legit. Assume the spirit is listening even if you can’t sense it. Assume everything is fine and close the ritual once your request is made.

It won’t take long. After a few different rituals, you will start sensing them.

Also, after a while you may notice minor poltergeist activity. Noises, flickering lights, odd animal behavior, seeing things in shadows and what not.


Trust yourself.