Clairvoyance... Devolping?

Hey all I just tried to do the static rain method of getting into tgs, staring and the point in the ceiling where the wall meets… I did see a little bit of static rain, but I also saw some weird things, a fish swimming in water, a message like one that pops up on a iPhone, someone on their phone and I kept seeing a figure come in and out… Is this my clairvoyance devolping or am I just having hallucinations? It’s weird to think what I saw

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Update: I think I might of seen into the near future, the fish swimming, I saw a healing fish on the news 2 hours later, is this linked? Haha

Yes it is, it might be a theme that appears to you that might have some significance, but if I’m thinking now more, that theme (the one with the fishes or sea creatures) was appearing to me too frequently in the past.

Oh wow that’s cool, was this in the beggining of your visions? And what do you think it could be related to?

That phenomenon didn’t appear as visions, it appeared as idk to explain… Things that were appearing to me constantly, I was haunted by a human with the head of a fish and some entity that has the head of a fish. (I think it was Dagon) But yeah, I have visions frequently, the visions from what I’ve observed appear to me after my magical training, that also happened 8-9 hours or so, I was meditating after finishing the LBRP and then I saw a mental vision with an eye, then after some time I saw another eye, it was more clear, it was a female eye, then the eye appeared to me another multiple times. (4-5 time or so) And what it’s interesting it’s the fact that after 2-3 hours I made a post there So i took this picture . The eye it’s a theme that appears to me since a looong time, I’m literally haunted by eyes.

Wow that sounds preety intense I wonder what the eye could mean? I’m guessing it’s linked to your third eye but really who knows haha

Idk exactly what it really means the fish, but I think it might be linked to some degrees as a symbol of feminity of some sorts because the fish it’s linked to water and lives in water and the water it’s a symbol of feminity, from what I know.

Oh wow I think that could be true as I’m very focused on a female right now

I don’t think so, I think it just shows me the fact that I’m being watched by some higher forces. That already got confirmed when I asked 2-3 days and was confirmed when I asked multiple entities

Oh yeah that also makes sense haha, thanks for the insight makes me open my mind more