Clairisentience the most dificult to comprehend and develop yet the most rewarding of all

Clairisentience is psychic knowing. Have you ever heard the phone ringing simply “Know” who is on the other end calling you without looking at the caller ID?

Clairisentience is about accessing information from the QIM (PRONOUNCED KIM) the QIM is the term used by the military and intelligence agencies to reference what many call the records of akasha. It stands for Quantum Information Matrix. All events or positions of quantum particles at given times are recorded in time’s own linear progression and tgis includes those things that have not yet come to pass. I will come back with more but for now I have to go. I will post more on this topic later as well as how it relates to remote viewing.


Just a fascinating topic. That and remote viewing and /or soul travel. More!

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Well there’s a lot to talk about so the best place to start would be perhaps just doing a Q&A.

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I like the way you put that. The sight is an incredibly satisfying experience. QIM isn’t just practical information. There’s tons of art and philosophy in there. There’s emotion and energy.

A good black magician focuses on results. Any suggestions for keeping it useful? I’m not an artist, so how can I use this skill to get money?


You know I have no idea other than working for a psychic hotline or doing psychic readings for money. You could also take up writing and you might get published. Might be useful for the stock market but I only own a few shares so it wouldn’t be all too practical for me but if you know anybody that plays the stocks you could be a sort of psychic stock advisor. Damn I should do that myself…:smirk:


How could one work on and stimulate (in other words get better as well) with clairsentience?


Clairisentience is about opportunity. The only way to truly develop this is to recognize when it happens on accident and pay attention go what is happening in your own brain. As time goes on you will start to catch on to what is happening internally and then begin to replicate the experience.
This is why it’s the most difficult skill to develop, and takes so long. There is no words to describe what is happening you have to experience the process for yourself.
I would recommend experimenting with hallucinogenic substances that allow you to see your own mind working but I’m not going to. I don’t want to be blamed for some teenager hurting themselves then saying…" But Dr. Thoth said to do the mushrooms…"


I wouldn’t use them anyways but I understand.

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I’ve heard D.M.T is the best.
Apparently opens perception beautifully, after much pain.
There’s a plane journey and cash to consider also.
I’ve had kind of deja vu experiences.
Would you say that having a wound appear on your person, for no reason, then finding out a close family member has a similar wound in the same place,
Is Clairsentient?


Ea koetting mastering divination will teach you how how to delevlop that. Just haveing strong connections to your sprits will give you that automatically. Never had a moment I didn’t know a girl cheated on me. Just one as an example

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I wish I could afford to do that.
Hell, I wish I could take part in all the courses and have a universal circle.
I’m so skint at present.
I will one day.
I’m working on it.
For now I will have to glimpse whatever magic I can from talking to you guys and making shit happen with hunger and desire.
Thank you so much for your insight.
Feel free to insight me whenever you like.

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This is one of my natural gifts. I can usually wake up and know exactly how much my commision check is on payday. I dont calculate it - i just have a rough idea based on sales and with taxes, i dont pre calculate. I wake up and know what was direct deposited to the cent.

With phone calls - i always know whos calling before i see the i.d.

Growing up, there were a few different times where family or friends died and when my dad would get the phone call, i would already “know”. I would freak my mother out and say “so and so died” and my dad would get off the phone and confirm.

Its a wonderful ability and gift. Unfortunately it doest differeniate between good news and bad news hahaha

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I get this with phone calls as well. It’s kinda cute, actually.

In a more practical sense it’s useful for an LHP practitioner to ‘know’ in beforehand the general outcome of a situation, like say, an evocation for example. It’s like an intuitive heads-up if something bad is about to occur - you simply know something is wrong, which allows you to steer clear of it.

In my experience, to develop clairsentience one needs to learn to be open to receive said knowledge, and to depend on your intuition rather than your Reason - which is easier said than done in a society that values the idea of logical thinking and tangible proof over everything else…


i think i have it those kinda of stuff happens a lot not only withe the phone but i know and hear when somebody says something about me,first i thought that just my mind overreacting to the life drama but no i accuratly sensed somebody talking shit about me.

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