I need some methods on how to develop this a little faster. I want to hurry up and get in the game. I’ve been busy with school lately but, I really want to start taking this seriously.

Well, it’s nothing that develops quickly, it takes time to develop the skill. One simple method I used was to imagine a short piece of classical music. I would imagine the music as perfectly as possible in total silence for upwards of 15-20 mins a day. Once I could hear the music in my mind I would focus on drawing out certain selections imagining I had headphones on. Eventually I could “hear” the music as though it was actually coming from a source in the room. It is a discipline but it helps tremendously.


Music plays in my head all the time with or without me imagining it… But i still hunger for actually hearing the demons, well i’ll be doing a ritual for that again tonight…

It’s not “music playing in the head” it is the discipline of hearing the music in your head as if it is being heard by the ears. It is akin to imagining yourself eating something so that you mind believe your are tasting with your tongue. It’s building new bridges between your mental perceptions and your senses.

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I can also easily taste things in my mind, but of course its going to be different from the physical because a stronger sense of feeling (not only tasting but feeling the food go in your mouth and guts) would be involved in physical experience … But this is a subject almost impossible to discuss because everyone can have different assumptions about the terms and experiences we are describing - and also possibly experience them differently.

I’ll put th method to use thank you. I really am grateful.