Wow guys. Just had a moment. Sceintists are freaking out, the stars have died and they are freaking the f*** out. In space their telescopes are seeing nothing but abyss forever, here it is still visible but they just lost sight of them not long ago, from hubble, and other telescopes. Other space agencies as well.


That was intense. They wont release this publicly either, they are going crazy.

Okay. Cheers :slight_smile:

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im just gonna go ahead and delete this, but yeah no shit

edit: nvm i cant

Don’t worry about it.

Nine billion names of God by Arthur C Clarke

How’d you find this out? Can I have a link?

If it isn’t public then you can’t know. Show me a link to this info and I’ll salute you. Until then… nope.
Hubble 2018

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If you want it deleted then ask Eva by tagging her and requesting it.

I just took a look with my telescope. All I could see were 9 billion Rick Ashleys singing “I’m never gonna give you up”.



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itll be a long time before we see them die on earth, a million years give or take. Plus they would never release the information everyone would lose it.

I think you need some grounding, to be honest.

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