Clairaudience with spirits. What's it like mostly?

When communicating with spirits, is it sort of a whispering going on or more of a recognizable and discernible voice with clear wording when they’re communicating back to you?


I’ve only experienced true Clairaudience a few times. One of which was when an Angel visited me in the morning. I don’t know what their name was, but it was a loving energy, and it whispered good morning to me before I felt a kiss on my forehead. This wasn’t sleep paralysis as I just laid their dumbfounded for a bit before carrying on with my morning, but it did feel quite out there.

Most of the time I’ll be recieving information via Claircognizance, as a lot of “Clairaudience” has been just sleep paralysis messing with me. That was the only time I can currently remember that was absolutely while I was concious. I’d imagine people who are more naturally Clairaudient would hear things just as clearly as I did that morning.


When I etheric project and speak with entities it’s a mix of mental and physical hearing.


As real as physical voices if you trance or if your senses are trained to that extent .


I have this happen when experiencing what i consider “mild sleep paralysis” or “meditative paralysis”(?) as I’m still mostly concious but so out of it that it takes a moment to be able to move again. I wind up hearing lots of different voices all talking at once. It’s always hard to make out anything outside of maybe a word or two at best - but I normally hear it and recieve it telepathically, though with my experience it’s almost as if the two are blended into one sense…? There’s almost no difference. I was curious if you knew whether this might be mental chatter or something more psychic oriented?

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I used to be skeptics of clairaudience. But I can say I have had many moments of hearing a phrase come from within, above me, beside me. I wish it were more developed though. Some people can have a whole conversation…

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Recognizable and discernible , I’d say it becomes better and better with practice .

I have heard a dissembodied voice 20 minutes after waking up and it said “Hey Hack” (my surname is Hacking) and this was like somebody saying right into my ear and there was just me alone in my bed when it happened. I personally think your clairaudience will develop naturally as you develop your psychic awareness

Yup , I’ve had similar experiences , that’s why I believe taking it slow is very important and employing constant practice , things of that nature can drive people mad if they aren’t careful or if they don’t practice good enough precaution .

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