Clairaudience questions

I am wondering two things about clairaudience. One, is the spirit’s voice audible like a human voice or mental voice? I read from some grimoire mages that true clairaudience is hearing audibly so is it true? Every grimoire mage I talked to told me that they hear spirits exactly like humans. Two, if it’s mental how do u tell the difference between your own voice and spirit’s voice?

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When you hear voices although telepathic it is clearly the voice of something else the spirit. At times the voices are so loud or telepathically powerful that others can hear the voices as well.

You will know it is not your own mind as the voices have a different sound sometime dark, deep and creepy, they will have a different tone, other times if you are guy it is the voice of a woman. You will know when and if it happens.

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I’ve experienced both, but even if I am just talking to myself, it doesn’t matter because my subconscious is the access point to all knowledge.


What is a “grimoire mage”? :thinking:
Anyway, no it’s not true, clairaudience can be audible with your physical ears or inside your head. When it’s inside your head, it can be someone else’s voice or your voice with some different tone.


A grimoire mage is someone who practices by the books that belong to the Solomonic tradition. Anyway, thanks everyone for replies.

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Interesting, I thought it’s a mage who has a grimoire which doesn’t make sense because we all have grimoires.

Journals are not necessarily grimoires imo.

I guess I should explain myself on the statement that my subconscious mind is the access to all knowledge.

In the Supernal Triangle of the Tree of Life: Keter, Chockmah, and Binah are connected. Keter is the dissemination of the power of God, whereas Chockmah is referred to as Abba (Father) and Binah is referred to as our Mother, right from the Bahir itself.

The path between Keter and Chockmah, or the Divine and the Masculine Mind, is 0 The Fool. There is potential, but currently The Fool is walking away from the source of the divine (usually in the form of a sun).

Meanwhile, the path between Keter and Binah, or the Divine and the Feminine Mind is 1 The Magician, which is master. He possesses the power of the elements in his hand and possesses the same power in the heavens, with power must be knowledge, and so The Magician knows all things.

The path between Chockmah and Binah, or the Masculine and the Feminine minds is 3 The Empress. She is pregnant, that is Binah is the source of the power over creation and wisdom, it requires the potential of Chockmah to awaken Binah, but unless Binah is awakened nothing is gained.

The masculine mind of course, is the conscious mind, and the feminine mind is the subconscious mind.

Everyone in their different abilities can experience these abilities differently. I for one, developed my clairaudience by trusting my “other” mental voice. There is no distinction between spirits voice and my own in how I hear it in my head except I know it’s coming from spirit if that makes sense. When you trust, amazing things happen. You build upon what you know and become more skilled. I have no idea what it’s like to hear spirit sound differently than my own voice so it’s sort of like telepathy. The only time I hear spirits audibly outside of my mind is between sleep stages or when they are literally doing their own thing and I overhear them talking, playing, etc.